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What's on Worship's Agenda?

Worship Assistants:

How can we better utilize assistants in worship, and how can we get the maximum number of people involved.

The Worship team at Zion is critical in the worship life at Zion. They are not only a support for the Pastor and Musician(s) but are also people that work, not only in worship, but behind the scenes getting things ready for our weekly worship services.


Together we work to involve all people in the worship life at Zion. Here is a list of some of the areas in which people assist:




  *Communion Assistants

  *Assisting Ministers

  *Altar Care

  *Communion Care (cleaning up after worship)

  *Liturgical Arts

  *Singing or Playing Instruments




As part of this team, the Pastor and Organist participate bringing forth their plans for liturgies, special services, music, and various other worship needs. Together they work together to prepare and implement the best possible worship service for our members and guests.


If you would like to be on this ministry team, please contact Jodi in the church office at

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