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Our Music

Our Music Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world
-Martin Luther

Worship God through Music

Zion's history is rich with music, which we consider a gift from God. Zion is blessed with fine instruments, including 2 pipe organs, 2 grand pianos, as well as talented musical participants.

Our Sanctuary Choir

The church's sanctuary choir is a vibrant and harmonious community of voices dedicated to enhancing the worship experience. Through regular rehearsals, members have the opportunity to come together and prepare to sing beautiful and inspiring music that resonates with the congregation. Beyond the notes and melodies, the choir fosters a sense of fellowship, laughter, and profound community, strengthening the bonds of friendship and faith. Every Sunday at 9am, their voices unite in song, filling the sanctuary with the joyful and spiritual sounds that uplift the hearts of all who gather to worship.


Our Bell Choir

The church's bell choir is a delightful ensemble that adds a unique and resonant dimension to our worship. With regular rehearsals, this inclusive group welcomes individuals of all ages and abilities to join in the joy of creating beautiful music together. Whether you're a seasoned ringer or someone new to the art of handbell ringing, there's a place for you in our bell choir. Each Sunday at the 9am service, their synchronized melodies ring out, filling the sanctuary with a harmonious sound that elevates our worship experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.


Music is for All Ages

Music serves as a unifying force within our congregation, transcending age and expertise barriers. It brings together parishioners of all generations, from the young to the young at heart, and regardless of their musical abilities. Whether participating in our sanctuary choir, bell choir, or simply joining their voices in hymns, music creates a shared spiritual journey where everyone is welcome. It fosters connections, deepens our sense of community, and allows us to collectively express our faith through the universal language of melody and song. In this harmonious bond, we find strength, joy, and a profound sense of togetherness as we journey in faith.

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