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Donations & Stewardship

Empowering Generosity, Nurturing Faith, Building Community

Sowing the Seeds of Hope

Stewardship is the embodiment of our commitment to faith, community, and responsible care for the world around us. It's a profound acknowledgment that as members of a faith community, we are entrusted with the responsibility to cherish, protect, and nurture the resources and blessings we've received. Through stewardship, we embrace the call to share our time, talents, and treasures, not only to support the work of our church but also to make a positive impact in the lives of others. It's a joyful act of gratitude and an essential element of our spiritual journey, reminding us that by giving generously and thoughtfully, we sow the seeds of hope, compassion, and transformation within our community and beyond.

Community Outreach


The Appleton Bilingual and Columbus School are supported by Zion, through holiday donations for families and supplies for each school.


Zion members donate items to the Blessing Box near the church with supplies needed by the community, such as non perishable food and hygiene items.


Volunteers here at Zion, are proud to be apart of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat is important to us, as this non profit global organization works with the local community to build affordable, safe housing for people in need. 

Many Ways to Support the Zion Community

Offering Envelopes: At Zion, we provide envelopes in our pews that can be used to make offerings during our services. Offering envelopes an also be found in the church office.

Making Offerings via the myEoffering website: We also offer the option to make offerings via the myEoffering website. This secure and user-friendly online platform allows you to give from the comfort of your own home, ensuring a seamless online giving experience. Visit myEoffering >>

Scrip Gift Cards: The Scrip Gift Card program by allows you to participate in fundraising for our organization effortlessly. By purchasing Scrip gift cards, you can make a positive impact while going about your daily shopping, all while supporting the Zion Community.

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