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Our Worship

As Lutherans worship is central to all that we do, and it is no different here at Zion in Appleton, WI. We gather each week on Sunday mornings to listen for God's word in Holy Scripture and partake in Holy Communion to be fed with the Bread of Life. We come together and are mindful that we are not just one body here at Zion Lutheran Church, or the Lutheran Churches in Appleton, Wisconsin, but we are one with our brothers and sisters around the world.

We come each week to give thanks for what God has done in our lives. We understand that our worship service is not a transaction, as one would perform at an ATM, but that God's grace flows freely for all, and we are flooded with God's mercy and love.

Our pattern for worship is one that is familiar to most people. We GATHER and confess our sinfulness and receive the forgiveness of our sins. We LISTEN for God's word proclaimed in Holy Scripture. We SHARE in a meal together at the Lord's table. We are SENT into the world to share God's enduring grace and mercy to all.

As Lutherans, music plays an important role in our services. At Zion we are blessed with two grand pianos, and two splendid pipe organs, that help to lead us in our sung expression of the word. The music in our worship services helps to reflect the nature of the day.


As a church within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we welcome all to worship with us; and we welcome all to the Lord's table to share in Holy Communion with us. At communion, we believe that Christ presides at the meal, and that we are all invited at the Lord's invitation. Holy Communion is when we receive Christ's body and blood in the form of bread and wine.


Worship is our encounter with God who has saved us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


For more information about worship please visit the ELCA website: 

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